Corporate Profile

E.Watch is the first pan African microfinance rating and Bank Financial Reporting Agency dedicated to evaluating and reporting performance and risk in microfinance institutions (MFIs) and Banks operating in Africa. As the oldest and most well-respected organization of its kind, E.Watch’s primary mission is to promote growth and transparency in the microfinance industry by facilitating Foreign Direct Investment to MFIs through independent evaluation..


E.Watch Africa was the first microfinance rating and bank financial reporting agency formally approved by Financial Regulators and licence to carry out credit ratings of regulated MFIs in Africa. We remains independent from any connections that could compromise its objectivity.


E.WatchE.Watch is part of the HPS International Consulting Risk, Compliance, Monitoring and evaluation division and the HPS Financial Review suite of products. Based in London, (United Kingdom) with offices in Washington (USA), Singhapore, Yaounde (Cameroon), Abidjan (Cote d`Ivoire). E.Watch has highly qualified local and international leadership and analyst teams with extensive experience in microfinance as well as in the areas of banking, investing, auditing and rating.