Financial Reporting

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has finalised the Basel III framework.

Its main goal is to enhance bank and banking sector resilience to unexpected shocks and promote financial stability. The higher levels of capital, combined with a global liquidity framework, will significantly reduce the probability and severity of banking crises in the future.


Financial reporting is presenting financial data of a bank's position, operating performance, and funds flow for an accounting period. Financial statements together with related information may be contained in various forms for external party use such as in the annual reports. It is basically financial information that regulated banks give about their activities, including how they prepare and show it.


E.Watch Africa helps banks and regulated financial institutionsoperating in Africa to stay compliant with changing regulatory reporting needs. It covers every aspect of regulatory and compliance requirements - from advanced data management to reporting.

Using E.Watch`s Regulatory Compliance as one single risk and financial repository, a bank with foreign subsidiaries will be able to apply different versions of Basel from Basel I, Basel II STD, Basel II ADV and now Basel III. Regardless of the level of compliance a bank currently observes, and irrespective of the path and milestones to be adopted, E.Watch Regulatory Compliance helps simulate, optimise and define the safest steps to reach Basel III compliance rapidly.

With a data base of 1000 Microfinance institutions and banks operating in Africa, E.Watch provide an insight of bank public disclosure and financial reporting.

  • Standardise regulated financial institution reporting requirements
  • Establish a central repository for African banking data
  • Facilitate peer reviews, trend predictions and risk analysis
  • Enable easy data sharing