Micro Finance Rating

Recent crises in the microfinance sector in Africa have shown that certain aspects of social performance such as client protection also have a bearing on institutional and financial sustainability. Realising this, E.Watch as part of global initiative has refined the existing financial rating by integrating key areas of social performance. This upgraded rating is “Microfinance Institutional Rating (MIR)”, and offers a holistic assessment, covering all aspects of a financial rating (Governance, Management Systems and Financial Profile) with the Seven principles of client protection and other key social aspects such as mission alignment. The new framework therefore captures all dimensions of an MFI functioning which have a bearing on its sustainability. Integration of key social issues into the rating framework also addresses public policy concerns on institutional practices in lending to the poor. 

Our rating products and services include:

  • Microfinance Institutional Rating
  • Microfinance Social Performance Rating
  • Microfinance Credit Rating